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A ridiculous story recently appeared on an otherwise interesting website called SeatGeek. The article purported to show that Red Sox fans are less loyal to their team than Yankee fans are to theirs based on less willingness to pay usurious prices for tickets on the secondary market. How dumb is that?

It’s like arguing that smokers are more socially conscious than non-smokers, because their earlier deaths save millions of dollars in extra health-care costs. Yeah, but…..

As Nick Underhill points out on MassLive.com, the Red Sox have sold 100.8% of their home tickets this year compared with only 86.2% in the Concrete Bunker On 161st Street. Moreover, Red Sox road ticket sales outpace the Pinstripe Posers–84.2% versus 81.3%.

So, SeatGeek, turn the thermostat up in the basement and tell your Mom you do want another FlufferNutter sent down.


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