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Delcarmenization: A Primer


I wanted to like the kid. He’s local. He’s one of us. But, truth be told, Manny Delcarmen is one of the worst 2.43 ERA relievers in all of baseball. Throwing a flat 95 MPH fastball is just not enough these days.

We all know that ERA is a poor indicator of a reliever’s effectiveness. But, boy is it ever out of whack this year with Manny! Sabermatricians have been toying with a better way to gauge bullpen guys for a while now (Adjusted Reliever ERA being the sexiest).  But there is really no substitute for the old reliable “Inherited Runners Stranded” stat. So, how does JP Manny fare on this one in 2009?
Well, he is doing better than his abysmal 2006 IRS stat when he was the third worst in all of baseball (only 38.7% of inherited runners stranded). So far this season (including yesterday’s “hold” when he blew a 2-run lead), Manny has allowed 38% of inherited runners to score–absolutely awful–but on pace with his career percentage of 39%.
So, why does Theo continue to be enamored of Manny? God knows! Let’s hope that rival GMs are including him in the much-talked about prospect packages for Halladay or Victor Martinez. We can’t afford our remaining Manny “being Manny” anymore this year.