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Some Honesty, Red Sox Fans


The revelation that David Ortiz tested positive for a performance enhancing substance in 2003 (confirmed via the Players’ Union by Papi himself) is a body blow to the Nation. No matter what explanations come out in the days and months ahead, the sad truth is that Papi was a cheater. As Red Sox fans, we have to be honest enough to deal with this simple fact.

If we self-righteously castigate A-Rod, Clemens, Giambi, Tejada, McGwire, Sosa and, yes, even Manny, we also have to admit that Big Papi has let us down. Every fan, every kid who idolized him and the team ownership itself should feel betrayed.

And, most devastating of all, the two World Championships that were helped so much by the Manny/Papi conglomerate, are this morning a little less lustrous. Not meaningless, because there were too many other great players who made it happen. But, those banners behind home plate at Fenway will evoke a little less pride in this fan. Papi, we deserved better from you.