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It’s Caballito’s Team Now

Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia
Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia
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In the early hours of Friday morning, Dustin Pedroia took ownership of the 2010 Boston Red Sox. It was then that the feisty second baseman launched a Houston Street pitch into the Denver night for his third home run of the game. It gave the Red Sox an improbable 13-11 win–improbable because minutes before Jonathan Papelbon had blown his second save in 24 hours. Papelbon then pitched the 10th for the win.

‘Pedey’, as he is called by his teammates, has become the de facto captain of this squad–the leader that characterizes all that is good about them. If ever there was a “jump on my back, boys” moment in 2010 it was last night. In addition to the game-winning home run, all Pedroia did was clout two other round-trippers–going 5 for 5 with a walk, five RBI and four runs scored. Since June 10th, he is hitting a filthy .500. 

As the Red Sox struggle to deal with crushing injuries (Nava, Hall & McDonald sounds more like a crooked law firm than a starting Red Sox outfield), it is Pedroia who has been the glue that has kept things together. Beltre and Youkilis have also been steady, but it’s the little ‘Caballito’ that has taken on the role of a true leader.


When Tek Retires, Is Pedroia Next Sox Captain?


Dustin Pedroia went out of his way today to address the angst level so evident among Red Sox fans. Speaking to WEEI, Pedroia sent a message that this team is not about to hang its collective head and think about golf in October.

“We’re going to try and play the best [expletive] game of our life tomorrow. That’s what you’ve got to do when you’re 12-14. Don’t put your head down and mope. Grind it out. You believe. That’s what we’re built on.”

Thank God for El Caballito! Is there any doubt that, after Jason Varitek leaves next year, Dustin Pedroia will be wearing the “C” on his chest?

Red Sox Heart And Soul HInges On Pedroia

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When Dustin Pedroia injured his right wrist making a patented diving stop, New England’s  Baseball Anxiety Meter surged into the red zone. In a crazy sort of way, we have come to take our diminutive second baseman for granted as the heart and soul of this Red Sox team. He is the personification of its grit and determination, the pesky pain in the butt other teams love to hate. Oh, and did I mention he has been AL Rookie of the Year and MVP in his short 4-year career? Add in two All-Star appearances and a Gold Glove for good measure.

The Red Sox are in their typical “Katie Bar The Door” media outreach, claiming only that there was“swelling” on the back of this wrist and that there is no “problem”. Right. All we really need to know is the other tidbit they threw out at us–El Caballito will undergo X-rays today to determine the real extent of the injury.

Needless to say, this could be the biggest piece of Red Sox news all year–one way or the other. If Pedroia is out for any lengthy period of time, or even if he is hampered in his “take no prisoners” playing style, it could spell doom for this already marginal offensive team.

Let’s hope the Red Sox ‘Ministry of Information’ is telling the whole truth this time and there really is no “problem”.