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Twenty-two hours, three wins

Given Boston’s latest monsoon weather pattern, the Red Sox could not have asked for anything more than they got this weekend. After a washout on Friday night, a delayed (post 9 P.M. start) and truncated game on Saturday, and a double-header sweep on Sunday (ending about 7:30 PM), they managed three critical victories in about 22 hours. Not even Jack Bauer accomplishes that much in a day.
Texas, meanwhile, obliged by dropping two of three to the Mariners–in the midst of their own typhoon weather system. So, as they contemplate their final off day of the season, the Carmine Hose can (briefly, at least) enjoy a four-game bulge on the Metroplex Marauders. 
What may be even more telling about this weird week-end of baseball is that the starting pitching was almost picture perfect. Beckett (five strong innings), Buchholz (7 impressive frames) and Lester (8 shutout, 2 hit innings) were just what Terry Francona ordered up. Their performances saved the bullpen for the Angels series and sent a message to AL rivals that the 1-2-3 punch we now feature in our rotation will be tough to overcome.
All in all, a good 22 hours–with only 20 games to play.

A Young Canadian Sox Fan Comes To Fenway


We’re passing along a great story for all Red Sox fans to enjoy:

Did You Ever Witness Your Son’s Dream Come True?

by Nancy Marto (Aidan’s Mom)

When you live in Toronto, and personally live and die (mostly die post 1993) with the Blue Jays, making your son’s dream of seeing his Beloved Boston Red Sox play at Fenway Park isn’t easily attained. But thanks to my trusty credit card and a gem of a website called Stub Hub the tickets were purchased and plans for Aidan’s baseball pilgrimage were underway.

It began with a visit to Cooperstown, which is practically en route from Toronto to Boston. What better place to start this baseball odyssey than with a walk back in time through the hallowed halls of this great shrine? Aidan lingered over the exhibits dedicated to Red Sox stars from early last century to today. But at the same time he was exposed to the great men and women who for more than a century have helped make baseball great.

Full of facts, figures and images of the game of baseball, we were ready for the trip’s main course: Fenway Park. Yes, it’s America’s most beloved ballpark, but it’s also beloved to a 12-year-old Canadian boy. I didn’t think his eyes could get any bigger as we toured Fenway the morning of August 28, 2009. Aidan, however, was quiet during the tour. It was almost as if he couldn’t quite believe what his eyes were showing him. The Pesky Pole, the Green Monster, the red outfield seat. It was all there in front of him. And he was really there. In Fenway Park!

The tour being over, it was time to visit the Red Sox store on Yawkey Way. T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, red socks, new cap, and for our Canadian winters, a Red Sox “touque.” (Knitted winter hat for those south of the 49th parallel.)

If you are a regular FenwayNation.Com reader, you may already know Aidan. More than a year ago his school speech about being a Red Sox fan in a Blue Jays family was posted. And recently the editor posted a picture of Aidan at Fenway. Well, as a result of that speech, Aidan made friends with a fellow Red Sox fan, 13-year-old Adam, who also holds a soft spot for the Toronto baseball team. The two boys, who both pitch for their respective baseball teams and play hockey were finally able to meet and sit together as the Jays came to town to play the Red Sox.

What a game. There were home runs over the green monster. There were leads and there were come backs. There was a rain delay. And there was the singing of Sweet Caroline, which we had practiced in the van on the way to Boston. The Fenway Franks were delicious. And what is this delicacy called Fried Dough? Surely we should be able to get this on the menu at the Rogers Centre!!!

It was sad when the game finally ended, but still Aidan’s face beamed with joy. His dream of sitting at Fenway Park with his friend Adam and watching the players he loves in an exciting and nail-biting game had come true. And as his mother, on this night, I didn’t even mind that the Jays lost the game by one run.