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Ellsbury Still Hurt; Franco Still Dead


After visiting with Dr. Lewis Yocum in California, it was revealed that Jacoby Ellsbury’s ribs still hurt and that he needs more rest. So, this is our second opinion? I have no medical training, and I think I could have arrived at the same conclusion.

This whole RibGate thing is getting as vexing as the Mike Lowell Death Watch. Can someone please clear the air? Does Jacoby think the Red Sox doctors screwed up in their initial diagnosis, or not? Is Scott Boars horning in on the process to punish the Sox yet again? Were his ribs ever actually fractured, or not? Where the heck are the reporters who supposedly cover this team on a daily basis to give us some answers?

The bottom line in all this, of course, is that the Red Sox suffer mightily with Ellsbury out of the lineup–both offensively and defensively. If he had been healthy all year, chances are our current position in the standings would be greatly enhanced.

Just get back, Jacoby, will ‘ya? Spare us the Soap Opera!


Sox Win Covers All Elements

The important first-game win by the Red Sox in Tampa last night featured all of the elements the team will need to get to and prosper in the post-season.

In no particular order, we saw timely hitting, hitting with power (3 home runs), intimidating speed on the bases (a pitch-out on a 2-1 count with Ellsbury on first), solid starting pitching, (mostly) effective bullpen work, and run-saving defensive plays (two spectacular grabs by Ellsbury). All of this and more will be needed if the Sox are to contend for their third ring in six years.
And, with the September 1st call-ups, Terry Francona will have an added weapon that he relied on in 2004–speed off the bench. Joey Gathright could be the 2009 version of Dave Roberts, an added dimension that every serious team in the “tournament” needs.
All in all, the Olde Towne Team is looking better and better for the stretch drive–and last night’s win may be the precursor of good things to come.