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The Mauer, The Merrier


I know we’re in the midst of a hunt for the post-season, but if you need an interesting distraction (aside from the Patriot’s pre-season), think of the possible make-up of your 2011 Boston Red Sox.

Theo and the Trio have got to be even more embarrassed than they were last Winter at the swing and miss on Mark Teixeira. Headed for a likely MVP, the Sox top target in the off-season was allowed to go to the Empire for a relative pittance (in the context of mega-contacts). 
Who is the next likely impact player they can focus on? None other than the franchise catcher of the Minnesota Twins, Joe Mauer. Trust me, no matter what they say, the Red Sox will not let this one slip away. And it won’t be as much about the money as some of these deals turn out to be. Mauer wants to win a ring. We can give him that opportunity–the Twinkies can’t. The Empire? Why should he be just one of many big ticket mercenaries when he can be the mercenary in Fenway Park?
So, sit back and imagine an infield of Victor Martinez at first, Pedroia at second, Youk at third, Mauer behind the plate and–maybe–Casey Kelly at short. Sounds like another ring in ’11 just in time for Fenway’s 100th anniversary in 2012.