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Why The Sox Should Pass On MIguel Cabrera


FOX Sports columnist Ken Rosenthal has suggested that the Red Sox might be a logical landing place for Tiger superstar  Miguel Cabrera. Detroit is in a severe cost-cutting mode and un-loading the talented 26-year old first-baseman would go a long way toward achieving their goals.

There’s no doubt that Cabrera is among the elite right-handed hitters in baseball. He can be legitimately compared to what Manny Ramirez was when he landed in Boston–except he’s three years younger than Manny was in 2001. He possesses all the statistical requirements coveted by the “geekocracy” on Yawkey Way (and I mean that in the best possible way). He has a career OBP in the .380 range and an OPS in the .920 neighborhood. 

But, what about the ‘intangibles” that have plagued his career? Until last year, he battled conditioning issues that raised questions about his commitment to the game. And last year, facing his team’s biggest game, Cabrera allegedly showed up hung-over after blowing a 0.26 blood alcohol level a day earlier. He went 0-4 in the Tiger’s loss to Chicago.

Despite his obvious talent, he is not a good match for this Red Sox team. Yes, they have some characters left, but each of them also has character.  This writer was a consistent defender of Manny Ramirez during his tenure here. But what we need now are players with Manny-level talent minus the Manny-level baggage.

We should pass on Miguel Cabrera.