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The Two Sides Of Red Sox Nation


Yesterday, the two sides of Red Sox Nation were on full display for all to see. You know, the “all is forgiven, you can come home now” side shown to Nomar Garciaparra; and, the “you ungrateful slime, may you rot in Flushing” side shown to Jason Bay.

As the denizens of Bankruptcy Field met the Red Sox yesterday in Port St. Lucie, it became clear that there were more members of ournation than theirs in the seats. And, when our erstwhile left-fielder stepped to the plate, he heard a clear strain of boos mixed in with the limp cheers. Welcome to your post-Boston life, Jason. Here’s Nomar’s cell phone number. 

It says here that Jason Bay does not deserve this fate. Sure, he spurned the watered-down offer from the Sox (after supposed medical concerns came to light), but can you really blame the guy for taking his one shot at the brass ring? I’m sure if you wake him up at three in the morning and ask him quickly if he’d rather be at Fenway or LaGuardia Lite, he’d come down on our side.

Bay was thrown into a no-win situation when he was brought here to replace Manny Ramirez, and he somehow turned it into a win-win. We should just be thankful that we got a year-and-a-half of solid performance from him and wish him well. Even though we know he will probably never again attain the heights he did with us.