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Root For “Pedro The Bostonian” Tonight

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He’s always been outspoken. He’s sometimes been a controversial diva. But, for most Red Sox fans, Pedro Martinez will always be our diva–who for a few years was the most dominant pitcher on the planet.

Specifically, in 1999 and 2000, his numbers were downright sick.  Over that span, his record was 41-10. He hurled 430.1 innings and gave up only 288 hits. Oh, and did I mention that he struck out 597 batters? More impressive, however, are his ERA stats in those two years. In 1999, he lead the league with a 2.07 mark, but in 2000 it was a ridiculous 1.74. Needless to say, he won back-to-back Cy Young awards. The 2004 World Series ring was the frosting on his Boston stay. In Game 3, he fired 7 shutout innings.

So, when he toes the rubber this evening for the Phillies, remember the great times with the Red Sox and also remember that he still considers himself a “Bostonian”–and root him to victory over the Evil Ones.


World Series Schedule Is Shameful


One year ago last night (October 27, 2008), the hardball fans of Philadelphia were celebrating a long-awaited world championship. This year, on October 28th, they await their team’s participation in Game 1 of the 2009 World Series. What’s wrong with this picture?

Paging Bud Selig! 

There is a real possibility that this year’s Fall Classic will wrap up with a Game 7 played on Thursday, November 5th. That’s November. The month before December. The one with Christmas in it.

The culprit this year is, once again, the idiotic World Baseball Classic, which pushed everything back this year, and also led to the complete break-down of one Daisuke Matsuzaka. But let’s not go there.

Shame on Major League Baseball for allowing a sport that is best played on balmy Summer evenings to be decided on frigid November nights with players in ski masks and goofy ear-flapped hats.

Shorten the regular season, eliminate the WBC, and play the biggest games of the year where they belong–in mid-October.