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Ray Culp–Warrior Of The Interregnum


Raymond Leonard Culp turns 68 on August 6th. All of us in the Nation should pause and reflect on his remarkable career with the Red Sox. Culp’s stay with the Sox coincided with the  championship “Interregnum” between the 1967 and 1975 American League flags–so he never 

tasted champagne glory.
Nevertheless, Culp delivered for us. In his 6 seasons in Boston, Culpy went 71-58 with a 3.50 ERA. He completed exactly one-third of his games with the Olde Towne Team (51) and gave us two 17-win seasons and one with 16-wins. And, on what I think is the most important pitch stat, he yielded 134 fewer hits than innings pitched for us.
In a time when we are trolling for re-treads to fill our previously over-abundant starting pitching depth (hello again, Paul Byrd), we can be forgiven for wistfully remembering a guy the Red Sox could count on–even in a non-championship era. Thanks, Ray.