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Red Sox Are Batless In The Battle

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Well, our long national nightmare is over, to coin a phrase. Jason Bay will be a New York Metropolitan in 2010. And, Mike Lowell will likely be dealt in the Spring. That translates into 53 fewer homers for the Sox from their 2009 totals (36 by Bay; 17 by Lowell).

Boston will be at a serious offensive disadvatange vis a vis the Evil Ones 250 miles to the south. They (the evil ones, that is) remain an offensive juggernaut even after losing Hideki Matsui and Johnny Damon(Curtis Granderson alone had 30 HRs last year)–and they may still re-sign the “Idiot”.

As laudable as it is to resist 5-year commitments to 30-plus year old players, this was a serious mistake on the part of Theo and the Trio. Having a productive hitter in the middle of the line-up who not only survives the climate in Boston but thrives on it, is a rare commodity indeed. And, apparently for a difference of $6 million and an option year, they let that commodity go.

There is only one solution–making the much discussed deal for Adrian Gonzalez. Obviously, Jacoby Ellsbury can no longer be included in the deal, but Buchholz and two elite prospects (Josh Bard?/Casey Kelly?/Ryan Westmorland?) are probably enough to pry away someone who can play Gold Glove first base (allowing Youk to move to third) and clout in excess of 40 home runs a year.

Theo, do the deal.  Now.