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If The Phone Doesn’t Ring, It’s Me

According to a report in theBoston Globe, the Red Sox have not called Victor Martinez about the status of his expiring contract. Probably too busy trying to fill seats to the terribly exciting soccer match to be held at Fenway at the end of the month.

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Attention V-Mart Shoppers!


I think we can all agree that your Boston Red Sox have a greater need for a quality bat than another rotation arm (although the “need gap” between the two seems to be narrowing by the day).

It seems that the best two lumber-based options on the market are Adrian Gonzalez (the young slugging first baseman of the Padres) and Victor Martinez (the not-quite-as-young, switch-hitting catcher/first baseman/DH of the Cleveland Indians). Based on the latest rumored information–right up to the nano second–the Tribe is not going to deal both Cliff Lee and Martinez and the Padres are loathe to part with the one legitimate star who can appeal to the Latino fans in their market (although they continue to draw miserably in a stunning park).

So, it looks like the more realistic path is for Theo to make a deal for V-Mart alone. Cleveland has reportedly already turned down a swap for Masterson and Bowden, so the Sox will need to sweeten the deal with something more. The Indians just traded Ryan Garko (their only other real first baseman beside Martinez), so the suddenly Ruthian Adam LaRoche would look nice at the Mistake By The Lake, wouldn’t he? This deal would make sense for both teams, except for the logjam it would cause in the Boston clubhouse. Someone would have to sit some with the addition of V-Mart–most likely a merry-go-round of Mike Lowell, Papi and Tek. Good, luck dealing with that issue, Tito!

History has shown that Theo is not shy to pull off a major overhaul that he sees improving the team in a weak area. This year, that is clearly offense. Do it, Theo!